Trail Report 4/16

Spring is here.  Trails are closed.  

It has been an exceptional season for trails.  With a total of 10 track records set this season, you know the trails were good.  Congratulations to Leonie Tetzner for 3 consecutive track records on the 2 dog 2.3 mile trail.  Congratulations to Johanna Badalich for a new track record in the 5 dog on the  5.75 mile trail and 7 dog 8.2 mile trail.  Congratulations to Pam Schamber for 4 dog track records on the 2.3 mile trail, 3.5 mile trail and the 5.75 mile trail.  Congratulations to Kim Wells for 6 dog track records two separate events on the 5.75 mile trail.  And a big hand to the trail crew!