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February 11 & 12, 2023

Purse $10,000

10:00AM Limited 2:00PM Open

 3 Dog Recreational on 2.6 mile trail

4-dog class 6 mile trail 
6 dog class 8 mile trail 
8 dog class 10 miles using  8 mile +Airstrip loop 
Open class 18 miles each day includes Muldoon swamp, 8 mile, Airstrip,  Inner , & 1/2 Woodway loops

All mileages and routes subject to trail conditions on race day.  

When parking Saturday if you are not at the post park back near the snow piles to allow space for trucks with trailers to maneuver to the posts.  Please move trucks from the posts once your race is completed.  ASDRA Championship limited teams. Check in for dog painting 9:00AM Saturday.  Limited Drivers meeting 9:30AM.  Open teams dog painting 12:45pm. Open drivers meeting 1:15PM.