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February 10 & 11, 2024

9:30AM Limited 2:00PM Open Start

Painting for 4,6 &8 dog after 8:30am Limited Drivers meeting 9AM Painting for open 12:30 Open Drivers meeting 1:00PM 

No late entries after 8:30AM

To scratch you must call 907-230-5441  or the clubhouse

1-dog Skijoring 2.6 mile trail (Saturday only)
3 Dog Recreational on 2.6 mile trail (Sunday only)
4-dog class 6 mile trail 
6 dog class 8 mile trail 
8 dog class 10 miles using  8 mile +Airstrip loop 
Open class 18 miles each day includes Muldoon swamp, 8 mile, Airstrip,  Inner , & 1/2 Woodway loops

All mileages and routes subject to trail conditions on race day.