1958 1959 videos

Loraine Buege's videos 1958 and 1959

These videos where taken well over 55 years ago with a home video camera. The Buege family converted them to digital format before donating the film. ASDRA has split the film into 10 shorter clips but kept files to a size that retains the quality on a tablet size device. Because of this the videos will take longer to load than you may be use to on You-tube. As you wait for them to download you can thank us for not having advertisements across the videos as you watch them. You will need a high speed connection and patience –worth the wait!

George Attla winning his rookie race followed by 2nd and 3rd place Gareth Wright and Wilber Sampson

All in good fun the 1958 stampede race had entertainment within the race.

1958 Junior races on 9th Avenue and Championships on 4th Avenue while Rondy teams were on the trail.

Some of the 1959 events at the new trailhead on Tudor Road

1959 Stampede fundraising event for the Heart Fund.

Fur Rondy mushers rounding the corner to Cordova during the 1959 race.

The backtrail heading uphill on the gasline. At this time the trail followed Chester Creek out and returned on the Old Rondy Trail along Campbell Creek.

Short beginning shows Junior Champions with trophies.
1959 Juniors including a JrASDRA picnic near Tozier Track

1959 Fur Rendezvous Parade. The parade celebrated Fur Rondy as well as statehood.

Thank you to the Buege family

Henry (Hank) Buege was ASDRA president in 1954-5 and a board member through the 1950’s.