September 15,2019

September 29, 2019

Events at Kincaid Park Nordic Stadium

Signup online or at 10AM at Kincaid –Races start 11AM

3-dog Cart, 1 & 2-dog bikejor and scooter, 1-dog Canicross

First and foremost this is a FUN RACE event!! Let’s get out and have fun with dogs.

We will require that all dogs pulling have a harness of some type connected to wheeled vehicles or runners by a 6-10 foot bungee type lead. Helmets are required for all wheeled competitors. Bikes and scooters should have some type of rigid antenna to prevent the line fouling the front tire. Carts must be the non-motorized (not even with engine off) inflated tire type.
We will this year have trail guards at intersections plus during the junior canicross have some floating bicycle trail guards between trail crossings. (Adults can run with their junior but are not required if we get enough volunteers).
We will closely follow both temperature and smoke conditions and post any cancellations on web and facebook.

Junior canicross 8-17 years $5 + membership

Junior bike or scooter 14-17 years $5 + membership

All other classes $15/class + membership

One day special event membership $10
Annual adult membership $40 Jan 1-Dec 31
Junior membership $10/year Jan 1-Dec 31

All fees must be paid by 10:30AM day of event. Memberships and waivers will be available.
Events start 11:00AM.

Thanks to our sponsors  TREK Bicycle, TASTEE FREEZ, and Fred Meyer!