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SouthCentral Challenge

ASDRA, CDMA and MCDMA are betting that you are up for a Challenge!

The SouthCentral Challenge!

A stage race for speed mushers

3-day, 3-venue race for 10 and 6 dog teams

ISDRA Race Rules

Presented jointly by Alaskan Sled Dog Association (ASDRA), Chugiak Dog Mushers Association (CDMA) and Montana Creek Dog Mushers Association (MCDMA).

Dates: January 13-15, 2024

Day 1 Tozier Track in Anchorage. This track combines hills, curves, flats and the ultimate in urban mushing: culverts, bridges, and plenty of spectators.

Day 2 – Beach Lake Trails off of Birchwood Loop in Chugiak. CDMA’s trail is challenging course of hills and winding curves through quiet birch and spruce forests.

Day 3 – Montana Creek Trails at Mile 94.5 of the Parks Highway. This is a flat and fast tundra trail with panoramic views of the beautiful Talkeetna mountains as well as Mt McKinley in the Alaska Range.  The challenge here will be strictly speed.

10-dog:  10 miles Tozier Track, 8 miles Beach Lake Track, 10 miles Montana CreekTrack

6-dog:    6 miles Tozier Track, 6 miles Beach Lake Track, 8 miles Montana Creek Track

Special Provisions:  For this race drivers shall designate a pool of dogs (up to 12 for the 10dog class and up to 8 for the 6-dog class).  All dogs in the pool will be designated and marked prior to the 1st heat.  Drivers may select dogs from this pool for each heat subject to the maximum and minimum for that class (see ISDRA rules).  Dogs participating in day 2 and day 3 heats are not required to have participated in previous heats.

Race Marshal:  Jerry Raychel to RM all three venues

*Purse: 10-dog: $1800 6-dog: $1200*

 Trophies for top 3 finishers in each class

Entry fees at sign-up: 10-dog: $100, 6-dog: $67 (includes entry, trail, and municipal fees), to be collected by ASDRA.

Membership fees: Drivers will be required to have full membership of at least one club prior to draw and will have provision of $10 club membership fee for additional clubs.

Sign-ups will be conducted online, draw to be held Thursday, January 11th 7:00PM by ASDRANo late entries

Race start: 6-dog to go out at 1:00pm at all three venues, followed by 10-dog start, 20 minutes after last 6-dog team returns.  

Checks and trophies to be presented by MCDMA on the final day at MCDMA clubhouse following the completion of the final 10-dog heat.

Associated Events: Each presenting club may offer separate one-day events for other classes. Check each club for associated event signup.  ASDRA will host a Junior points race.