“You Can’t Push a Rope!”–Dick Tozier
It’s not how hard a musher pushes his team; it’s how hard the dogs want to pull. A successful team is the result of hours of care and commitment on the part of the musher. No amount of pushing will make a gang line taunt.

Spectator tips!

  • Find a good viewpoint behind the trail edge.
    Teams leave at one or two minute intervals and often are closely spaced.
    Faster teams may have even passed a competitor.

  • Look for dogs running well with their heads and tails down showing concentration on their effort.
    Tugs lines will be tight.
    Sudden movements or flashbulbs may startle dogs and break their concentration. You will see the head and tail go up.

  • A dog team traveling at up to 20 mph takes up to 50 feet to come to a stop!
    Sleddogs run very quietly. You may not know they are coming until you hear “Trail!”
    Getting entangled in a dog team can be very hazardous for you and the dogs.

  • Your pet dog will not enjoy watching sled dog racing events.
    A fast moving team will frighten most dogs.
    Do not bring your family pets to dog mushing events.

  • They aren’t all Huskies
    Even the family pet may take to mushing. The famed Alaskan Husky is actually a blend of numerous breeds. A good sled dog just needs to enjoy running, and it’s hard to find a dog that doesn’t like to run.

  • Mushing is a big part of Alaska’s heritage.
    It is a great family activity and good for dogs. See if it might be right for you and your dog(s) to pull a sled down the trail. Contact the club for support.

  • Footprints, bike ruts, and hoof prints leave holes in the trail resulting in injured dogs.
    Please respect the designated sled dog trails.


Here Are a few of the things Sled Dogs Need:
Water and more water
High quality food
Regular conditioning exercise
Daily scooping
Toenails clipped regularly
Regular veterinary care
Deworming program
A safe environment
Dog houses with bedding & insulation
Well drained kennel area
Maintain fencing, snaps, gates, swivels
Dog boxes on vehicle
Equipment Harnesses and lines
Sled with a brake
Snow hook and sled bag