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ASDRA’s Spirit of the Rondy Virtual Race 2021


Live Broadcast March 6th!

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Sponsored by:

Martha and Richard Cavens

Janet Clarke in honor of Liz Clarke, dedicated volunteer who continues to oversee clubhouse operations for volunteers during Rondy and in memory of Chuck Clarke, another “super-volunteer” who first established the timing programs used for tracking the progress of Rondy mushers each race day for the radio broadcast and then served as vital member of the downtown broadcast crew for many years.  

 Lois Rockcastle and Eric Noble in support of rural participants.  

Anonymous donor


ASDRA’s virtual race inclusive of teams anywhere in the world, competing together. Alaska, L48, International

Teams are comprised of “Rondy Musher Plus 5”

  • Rondy musher, past or future; this is an Open Class team
  • Limited Class musher(s)
  • Junior musher(s)
  • Beginning musher(s), either Newbie or Rookie (see POINT section for definition)
  • Skijorer(s)

The Rondy musher runs open milage!

The rest of the team is comprised of up to 5 more members, and they collectively run another enough miles for the team to go 50 total miles. 

These 5 members are any combination


Better your time!!

  Listen up, you can get POINTS.  Each POINT is a 30 second deduction from your team’s overall time.  Please check each POINT that your team qualifies for:

  1. 1 POINT for each additional country represented.
  2. 1 POINT for each additional state represented.
  3. 10 POINTS for a Newbie participant (Newbie has less than 3 hours of sled time)
  4. 2 POINTS for a Rookie participant (Rookie has less than 2 years of mushing time)
  5. 2 POINTS for each participant 70+ years old
  6. 1 POINT for each dog 8+ years old
  7. 2 POINTS for purebred teams
  8. 1 POINT for each participant who has never raced in an ASDRA race before
  9. 1 POINT if your Open Class musher has not run Rondy yet
  10. 1 POINT if your Skijor participant is using 1 dog instead of 2.
  11. 1 POINT for STYLE, awarded completely arbitrarily by Style Judge Norm Hayashi for any reason: fun facts, awesome video, anything Norm thinks has earned a style point.  Only 1 style point may be awarded per team,purely at Norm’s discretion.