Volunteer positions

  • volunteer2Sled Holders

    Requires strength and a willing enthusiasm
    Responsible for holding sleds at the start line until “Go”

  • owc_goose_lake_volunteersTrail guards

    • Requires understanding of race rules, people skills and a introductory level of experience with dog teams.
    • Some trail guard positions require that the guards must ride in on snow-machines, ski or hike into somewhat remote places.
    • Responsible for maintaining a clear trail for all teams and for providing assistance at the allowed levels for competitors.
  • IMG_8702Snow machine guards

    Requires experience in snow-machines and own machine.
    Responsible for positioning at trail locations for additional assistance.

  • 300.guardCheckpoint timers

    • Requires ability to keep times and report with radio or phone
    • Responsible for determining unofficial times for each team at a designated checkpoint and calling those times in to a central point.
  • Beams under ElmoreTrail work support

    • Requires ability to complete strenuous work outside.
    • Responsible for maintaining trail conditions.
    • Trail work is usually done on non-race days but volunteers are often needed on race day to address trail problems that can be alleviated with shovels, placement of barricades and so on.